Eildon Staff ‘measure up’

Four Eildon staff were delighted recently to lend us a hand. The Association supports a voluntary programme called ‘Eildon Makes a Difference‘, which allows staff to take up to a full day’s work a year to help with local initiatives and/or out in the community.

We needed help to sort the curtains that had been kindly donated and the Eildon staff helped to to measure, pack and clearly label the curtains to help them with future distribution.

They’ll go in the starter packs which contain essential household items such as curtains, bedding, kitchen equipment and cleaning materials and are distributed across the Borders by agencies such as Scottish Borders Council Homelessness Service, local housing associations like Eildon and other charities.

We would like to convey a huge thank you the four Eildon staff members who created order out of chaos in our curtain department.  The bigger the pile of curtains became, the more it had been ‘left for another day’, so we really appreciate the difference they have made.